make: yippee! spring terrariums!


This fall I made a terrarium for a school project and I loved it. Terrariums are like little miniature gardens. It was awesome to learn about all of the benefits of terrariums.

The first benefit is the “micro” climate that is created for the plants. Much like a greenhouse terrariums produce the perfect growing habitat for plants. The environment has no harsh extremes like an outdoor climate.

Another benefit is their size. You can use any size container and make a terrarium that fits your space perfectly. And did I mention they’re weed-free? Oh yeah, talk about care-free gardening!

My favorite thing about terrariums is that you can decorate them. Maybe you have a lot of antiques and an elegant approach to decor. You can make your terrarium with an antique cloche with twigs and moss.

You can also make the terrariums fun and give them some personality by adding some little figurines and make it sorta diorama looking. Maybe have a forest scene with a fawn and a few mushrooms. Or a jungle with a snake curled around your “tree”.

But I decided my terrarium needed to be “springed” up! So I took out the fall figurines, rearranged some of the plants and added some cute little flags, mushrooms made of clay, and figurines. I think I just might change out the stuff in my terrarium every time the season changes. Why not?



Terrariums can be traced back to 1836 – talk about a timeless treasure! So why don’t you do something green today and throw together a terrarium? I used this tutorial as a guide to start my terrarium back in the fall. Have fun!

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